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1) OBJECT AND CONCLUSION OF THE CONTRACT . The contractual conditions are those expressly provided for in this text and the admissible additions are only those and it contemplates.

2) PRICE, INTEREST FOR LATE PAYMENT, UNRESOLUTED PENALTIES . The indicated price must be understood as not inclusive of VAT. The costs relating to payments by credit institution are charged to the customer.

3) TRANSPORT COSTS . Unless expressly agreed, all prices are intended ex works of the selling company.

4) RISK OF LOSS OF GOODS . The goods travel at the Customer’s risk and peril, even if agreed free at destination.

5) DELIVERY OF EXECUTIVE MATERIAL . The Customer is required to deliver said commission at the time of signing or to send Urban adv Srl within the terms possibly set by the same, in relation to the type of advertising message commissioned, the original executive material, such as to allow perfect reproduction. The Customer declares and guarantees that any material delivered under this contract is his property and that he can freely dispose of it, exempting Urban Adv Srl from any liability with regard to what has been delivered, with a consequent commitment to indemnify any request from third parties. unrelated to this report.

6) DRAFT . Having prepared the graphic sketch of the advertising message, Urban Adv Srl will send a copy by email to the Customer who must verify the accuracy of the data contained and give written acceptance. After 3 (three) days from receipt of the sketch without written communication from the Customer, the same will be considered tacitly accepted.

7) DELIVERY AND DISTRIBUTION TIMES The distribution and / or delivery will take place within the times provided for in this contract except in cases where the Customer delays in accepting the sketch and, in any case, not earlier than 7 (seven) working days from accepting the sketch. .

8) DELIVERY OF POSTERS BY THE CUSTOMER . The delivery by the Customer must take place no later than 5 (five) days prior to the posting date, at our headquarters (Via XXV Luglio, 44, 84013 Cava de ‘Tirreni Salerno – Italy); Delayed delivery within the aforementioned deadline will not guarantee posting within the terms established by this contract, while the expiry of the concession period will remain fixed at that indicated in this contract.

9) POSTERS . The billposting will take place within 3 (three) days from the established date, without prejudice to the contractual period, any delays due to force majeure beyond 3 (three) days will be recovered at the end of the contract.

10) WITHDRAWAL . The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal by means of a communication to be addressed to Urban Adv Srl by registered letter with return receipt . or PECwithin the term of 7 (seven) days from the date of signing of this contract, in any case, for the posting, the withdrawal cannot take place beyond the 14 days prior to the posting date. For the unilateral withdrawal, the Customer must simultaneously pay an amount equal to 25% of the price agreed in the order, after this deadline, this contract will become irrevocable as compensation for the loss of earnings. The transfer of the business, the sale or transfer to third parties, the change of the company name or denomination does not constitute a valid reason for the Customer’s withdrawal or termination of the order. In any case, the Customer will remain obliged on his own if there is no acceptance or acceptance by the new owners.

11) EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY .The liability of Urban Adv Srl in the printing of advertising products is excluded for any damage to the Customer due to discrepancies or errors contained. The liability of Urban Adv Srl is excluded with reference to: date of printing, content and positioning of the advertisement, circulation and distribution of the product, except for conditions expressly contemplated in this order. Likewise, any liability of Urban Adv Srl for loss or deterioration of the graphic material and of what has been delivered by the Customer in dependence on this contract is excluded. The liability of Urban Adv Srl is excluded, for alleged damages claimed by the Customer in reference to the content, methods and timing of the distribution of advertising products by third parties unrelated to this contract. In cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, it is agreed that the amount of any compensation may in no way be higher than the price of the service net of VAT. In any case, reports and complaints must be received, under penalty of forfeiture pursuant to the law, within 8 (eight) days from the date of delivery or distribution of the advertising material.

12) SUSPENSION OF THE EXECUTION OF THE CONTRACT Urban Adv Srl has the right not to execute and run the contract when it becomes aware of the fact relating to the Customer tending to decrease the guarantees of payment of the price (protests, foreclosures and prejudicial actions in general) .

13) PAYMENT – The Buyer undertakes to make payments at the established deadlines, the obligation also refers to the subsequent periods of validity of the contract. Failure by the Purchaser to pay the fees or failure to comply with the executive commitments undertaken with the seller will authorize the same to suspend the execution of the order, to consider it resolved and to claim the overall residual amount as a penalty. On payments made after the deadlines, interest on arrears equal to the official discount rate will be calculated in addition to the debiting of bank charges and collection costs, the interest will begin to run automatically from the date of maturity of the right without the need for a specific and autonomous deed of formal notice.

14) PROGRAMMING – The commissioned services will be carried out on the agreed means and within the limits of the concessions acquired by the seller. The seller will endeavor to comply with the agreed schedule, if in carrying out the order this is not possible, the seller and the Buyer, excluding in advance any and all forms of compensation and indemnity, will define times and methods for recovery.

15) DISPUTES – Complaints for issue irregularities found by the Buyer must, under penalty of forfeiture, reach the seller within 10 days from the date of transmission by registered letter. In the event that the complaint is fully justified, the Buyer will have the right to repeat the message concerned with the exclusion of any other compensation. The recording of the transmitted services is carried out by the Urban Adv data processing center, this material is the only one that is authentic, for all purposes, about the quality and the successful transmission.

16) JURISDICTION AND POCESSUAL PROTECTION . For any dispute, the judicial authority competent for the territory in relation to the headquarters of the selling company will appeal. In any case, the Customer will not be able to propose exceptions to delay, or avoid the payment of the price only after which he can take legal action for the protection of his own reasons.

17) PAYMENT QUIETANCES AND LIABILITY FOR ERRORS / OMISSIONS ON FISCAL DATA . Urban Adv Srl does not issue separate receipts: for the regular balance please return the invoice. The Customer undertakes to communicate any errors / omissions relating to their personal and fiscal data. Without communication from the Customer, those reported in the contract and in the invoice will remain valid without liability and penalty on the part of Urban Adv Srl

18) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, CONFIDENTIALITY. The graphic and creative works, the program systems and the design characteristics of the system object of the supply are and remain the property of the original manufacturers and of the Supplier, to the extent of its competence. Pursuant to the Copyright Law (L. 633/1941) the original of the work, or the source files of the same, remain the property of the author. The author only assigns to the Client the right to reproduce the work of the executive file.

The Supplier undertakes to fulfill the obligations under copyright law. The Customer is obliged to use the object of the supply limited to the contractual use envisaged.

Therefore, in the event of the development of “Program systems”, the Customer becomes the holder of the Software Use License, governed by the following clauses:

  • the software product includes, in addition to the code in executable language and the relative documentation, the structure and organization of the database residing on disk and in memory, ideas and project characteristics, drawings, diagrams, specifications and manuals;
  • the software product also includes the source language and the relative documentation of the parts susceptible to future changes, adaptations and customizations (reporting system, operator interface, input / output procedures);
  • the software product remains the property of the Supplier; the Customer is the authorized user and undertakes not to use it except for the use provided for in the Supply contract and on the aforementioned system;
  • the Client undertakes to take all necessary measures to guarantee both the confidentiality regime and the property rights of the software product sold in use. In particular, the Client undertakes:
  • not to transmit and / or disclose to third parties, in whole or in part, what forms the software product without explicit written authorization from the Supplier
  • not to make copies of the software product except for safety archive needs (backup)
  • not to use the software product on other systems or for other applications.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE . The principal and the appointee acknowledge that each party may disclose confidential information relating to its business to the other. Each Party undertakes to keep said information confidential and not to disclose its content to any third party, to use such information only for the purposes of the sales contract and to return, following the request of the other party, any documents received that contain information. confidential.

20) PRIVACY .The Customer hereby authorizes Urban Adv Srl to use personal and social data pursuant to and for the effects of the contents of the law provisions of art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 “Code regarding the protection of personal data” and art. 13 of the GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679). Urban Adv Srl guarantees that all the data reported in the commission – concerning the customer or collected from the same – will be processed, including automated. mainly aimed at the execution of the advertising contract and the strictly functional obligations of an administrative, fiscal and fiscal nature, production and organization of the sales processes, also implemented through communication to third parties performing typographic-publishing, administrative, credit management activities, agency, as well as for further information initiatives, referral of advertising material and other marketing activities, direct or telemarketing or market research. The Customer enjoys the rights contained in Law 196/2003, including that of obtaining from the data controller confirmation of the existence of his personal data, that of requesting the updating or deletion of the data and that of opposing their treatment. and can exercise them by contacting Urban Adv Srl, Via XXV Luglio, 44, 84013 Cava de ‘Tirreni (SA) – Italy in writing.